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“A few years ago, companies could see the competition coming. Today the competition’s often invisible until it’s too late.” – 2015 IBM Global C-Suite Report

“Nearly half of all jobs in the U.S. are at risk of being computerized in the next 20 years.” – 2013 Oxford University Study

“One estimate is that two thirds of children that graduate from school will work in careers that did not exist when they started 15 years earlier.” – World Economic Forum

“Educational systems that catalyze imagination and creativity will be the winners.” – Harvard Professor Howard Gardner

Understand how children’s brains are learning constantly and how to encourage (not stifle) their creativity.

Creativity involves exploring new things and engaging in cognitive activity which are both healthy for the brain.

Who should read this book?

Stuart Pink

Creativity can be learned and should be exercised.

​Now Brainarium: Exercise Your Creativity shows you why creativity is so important in the 21st century and how to be creative in any situation.